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Big D's Pumping


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About Us

Big D’s Pumping Inc. Is owned by Dylan Smuts, starting his business in 2002. Dylan started Big D’s because he saw guys buying new pick-ups and thought to himself that’s a lot of money to pay with no way to pay itself back, so he bought a water truck to go make money with.

You can Find Big D’s at 101 Gilam Road, or contact them by phone at (970) 675-8610.

A little about Dylan, “I am 4th generation in Rio Blanco county. Grew up on a small ranch between here and Meeker, worked at Deserado Coal Mine for two years, and then went to work for JE Merrit who worked for Exxon Mobile, then started my own company. From there I was able to work with several good people who helped me out.”

Dylan would like people to know, “I think that I would like people to know how much I appreciate all they have done for me and my family over the years and how much I enjoy their friendships it’s what makes it all worth it.”