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The Tank Center for Sonic Arts


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About Us

In 1976, composer and sound artist Bruce Odland was shown the place by two Rangely locals. Odland understood immediately that he had stumbled upon a treasure. “I’d never heard anything like it,” he said. “I’d never heard a sound last that long, with these dizzyingly beautiful reverberation effects going all over the place.”

For years after Odland’s discovery, the Tank became a private performance and recording space for a dedicated group of local sound artists and musicians. Then in 2013, when the Tank’s existence was threatened--the owner considered selling it for scrap--these early supporters formed Friends of The Tank with the support of Rangely and Rio Blanco County government officials, many Rangely area residents and local businesses, and volunteers from all over the country.

Two Kickstarter campaigns together raised more than $100,000, enabling the Friends to buy The Tank and its land; renovate and upgrade the facilities and get a Certificate of Occupancy as a public assembly hall. In 2017, a grant from the Boettcher Foundation funded the construction of a state-of-the-art recording studio, housed in a shipping container next to the Tank. This facility has become the basis for the Tank’s earned income, hosting many low-cost recording sessions each month. Further funding from individual donations allowed the Tank to hire an Executive Director, a Resident Recording Engineer, and two other staff members.”

You can come to The TANK for free on Saturday, hours, 9 am - 1 pm May 1 to Nov 1, at the Tank, 233 County Road 46.